venture capital that puts
people first.

We connect growing companies to a wealth of knowledge and capital from successful investors. Our platform is designed to create deeper relationships and more positive outcomes – for everyone.

Our Platform

Recent Investments

PV invests in Hubba, the leading marketplace for connecting independent brands and retailers

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Recent Investments

We’re excited to welcome CareGuide, an online marketplace for care providers, into the PV family

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Recent Investments

PV invests in Drop, a loyalty and reward points app for millennial mobile consumers

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Recent Investments

We’re excited to invest in BusBud, a platform connecting travellers to inter-city bus operators

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Community of support

We encourage PV investors and advisors to become actively involved in the success of our companies. Our community of accomplished executives and entrepreneurs provides expertise, guidance, and valuable connections to each of our portfolio companies.

Meet our People

Better venture capital.

Profit-oriented, no fees

We are motivated only by the increase in enterprise value of our companies and the generation of net profit for our investors. Our compensation comes from successful outcomes – we don’t get rich from fees.

Where we come in

We invest in the demand-driven gap – companies that face growing orders, delayed revenue recognition, and the need to hire up to meet demand. We call this our "moment in time".

Natural alignment

Fewer investments in concentrated strategies make all exits meaningful to us. We never pressure entrepreneurs to seek inflated valuations. We don’t chase unicorns.

Our strategies