Dejero Brings Home Second Emmy Award


Dejero wins second Technology and Engineering Emmy Award

Dejero Wins Second Emmy

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide award-winning video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, has been awarded a second prestigious Technology and Engineering Emmy Award. The award, in the category of Video over Bonded Cellular Internet (VoCIP) technology, recognises Dejero’s innovation in the industry, thanks to its Smart Blending Technology and unique hybrid encoding approach.

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Dejero has perfected its patented and patent-pending Smart Blending and hybrid encoding technologies over the course of the last decade. The technologies work in concert to form a tightly integrated system which responds in real time to changes in network quality and video content. This has helped transform how broadcasters contribute live content from the field using cellular networks, providing news-gathering crews with greater flexibility in terms of the location from where they can transmit a live shot, at a fraction of the cost of conventional uplink technology.

“We are thrilled to win not just one Emmy – the most recognised broadcast award in the world – but two. Last year the committee rewarded our decade of innovation for pioneering reliable transmission methods that enable live contribution and distribution of TV signals over the public Internet. This year they have gone on to further recognise our industry-leading technologies, showing that our continuous development is raising the quality and reliability standards of mobile video and data transmission.”

– Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero

Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology aggregates multiple network technologies, including cellular and satellite links, from multiple providers, to create a virtual “network of networks” to enhance reliability. The technology dynamically and intelligently manages fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss and latency differences in real-time, ensuring the optimal path for the IP packets to their destination. The result is increased reliability, expanded availability from connection diversity, and higher bandwidth when and where it is needed.

Dejero has developed a highly specialised hybrid encoding technology that’s ideally suited for low-latency, live video contribution from remote environments. The technology leverages a hybrid architecture that surrounds a hardware core—optimised with proprietary technologies and techniques—with a flexible, field-upgradable software pipeline. This combination enables real-time feedback based on throughput, latency, and incoming video content complexity to dynamically adjust encoding to make optimal use of available communications networks.

Last year, Dejero was awarded its first Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for ‘excellence in engineering creativity’, honouring a decade of achievements in the field of live transmission driven by its vision of reliable connectivity anywhere.


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