Miovision Partnerships Expand Its Smart City Vision to Maritimes and US


In a recent partnership, Miovision, a company developing Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), has announced Vaughan-based traffic management company, Stinson ITS, will be the exclusive distributor of its platform in Ontario and the Maritimes.

Miovision, based in Kitchener, creates solutions designed to improve the mobility and liveability of cities as they become more congested. The company’s TrafficLink ITS platform allows for remote traffic signal management, and includes tools such as signal monitoring, video streaming, maintenance alerts, and traffic data analysis.

Stinson ITS is a division of Stinson Owl-Lite and is one of the main suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of traffic management solutions in Ontario.

“Given Stinson Owl-Lite’s legacy of providing leading-edge solutions, we’re honoured that they’ve chosen Miovision TrafficLink as their intelligent transportation solution,” said David Ganton, director of channels at Miovision. “Their deep knowledge of technology integration and implementation will ensure customers get the most out of TrafficLink.”

This announcement comes after Miovision recently partnered with US-based CT Group, a manufacturer and distributor of ITS systems. That partnership saw the Miovision TrafficLink ITS platform made available through the CT Group of distributors in 31 US states.

“CT’s strong experience and local presence will play a pivotal role in facilitating the adoption of our innovative solutions with their customers, helping them to solve their traffic management problems and improve citizen mobility,” Ganton said of the partnership.

Last year, Miovision raised $15 million in convertible notes, in a round led by MacKinnon, Bennett & Co., along with McRock Capital. In the same year, the company received $1.5 million from the Ontario government in order to expand its team. Previously, the company secured a $30 million Series B round. In 2017 Miovision partnered with the University of Toronto on research surrounding conflict crash analysis.

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Miovision partnerships expand its smart city vision to Maritimes and US

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