Our Partnership with Sidewalk Labs


PV joins forces with Sidewalk Labs (a division of Alphabet) to launch Quayside Venture Partners (QVP), a partnership and fund focused on Canadian Urban Technology companies

Six short years ago, Rob, Daniel and I sat around a small glass table tucked into a corner of an office at Plazacorp HQ. The three of us had vastly different backgrounds and experiences and yet we had very complementary skill sets that filled in each other’s gaps. Together, we began to map out a concept for a new venture fund model focused on Canadian tech companies. We were very bullish on the ecosystem but felt there was a need for a more aligned venture model. With the blueprints drawn out, we got to work to build the framework and structure, find the first tranche of investment opportunities and first LPs. No easy feat, but we were determined and knew there was a huge opportunity. We needed to connect all of the dots. In the years since we have been fortunate to have had a number ‘ups’ and a couple of ‘downs’. It has been an incredible and generative journey; five funds, a couple of dozen investments, a number of exits, a supportive and growing LP base and an amazing team who work as a family.

Today, I am incredibly excited to announce that Plaza Venture has joined forces with Sidewalk Labs (a division of Alphabet) to launch a Partnership and Fund called Quayside Venture Partners (QVP) focused on Canadian Urban Tech companies. We’ve assembled a world-class group of Corporate Innovation LPs (to be announced), an A-list Advisory Council and a seasoned Mentor Council. They will help the partnership and the fund, while also assisting our portfolio companies to accelerate the path to market and go global. In my 12 years as a VC, I’ve come to realize that it all comes down to great product, distribution, and teams that can execute. The three aforementioned Councils will assist with all of these elements; what an incredible opportunity to further entrench the Canadian tech ecosystem as a global ‘go-to hub’. With QVP, our mission is to foster an ecosystem and culture of inclusivity, empathy, and innovation using Toronto and Canada as the model; open to new people and new ideas.

For me, this is a dream come true. I have been focused on ‘Urban Tech’ for over 20 years. I first became interested in high school when I picked up an issue of National Geographic highlighting green energy. For the first time, I thought to myself, “this is what I want to do. I want to focus on the green business of tech; make the world a better place and make money while doing it”. So I began to tailor my educational and professional experiences accordingly. It’s amazing how things have come full circle after decades of hard work and dedication.

Plaza Ventures will continue to operate and raise new funds focused on Series A & B and Secondary investments. In fact, we are growing dramatically in parallel with Sidewalk Labs and Quayside Ventures.

Plazacorp has always been a familial, entrepreneurial and inventive organization, willing to take risks while backing smart, driven and honest people. Plazacorp provided me with this platform to build upon and I cannot thank my partners at Plazacorp enough. I am incredibly enthusiastic to continue to build and grow with them.

Matthew Leibowitz

General Partner, PV

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