Busbud Launches User-Powered Travel Reviews on Every Route

BUSBUD (APRIL 20, 2018)

In April, Busbud launched travel reviews across all of its 1.3 million bus routes available on Busbud!

For the past 2 years, our team has collected the feedback shared by our customers about their bus travel experiences. This includes comments, reviews, and travel tips on bus companies and routes.

This means that for any departure you select on Busbud, you’ll now be able to browse reviews and ratings from other Busbud customers who have travelled on that same route to help you make a better booking decision.

Busbud travel reviews are now available in six languages and are updated in real time. Since the summer of 2016, we’ve gathered over 30,000 reviews and thousands of Busbud users have shared insights about their experiences. We’ll be adding tens of thousands more in the coming months.

Where you’ll find travel reviews

It just takes one  click to get access to a wealth of travel reviews. Once you’ve selected a departure on Busbud.com, simply click “show details” and ta-da!

Whether you’re considering booking a bus in a foreign country, or deciding which bus to take back home from university, you can now rely on our user-generated travel reviews to help you prepare for your trip, pick the right bus and know what to expect once you’re on board.

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How to leave a travel review to help other travellers

Sharing your experience with other users is easy. Let’s take an example where you booked a bus from Montreal to New York City.

  1. Watch out for an email from Busbud: Once you hop off a bus you’ve booked on Busbud, we’ll send you a quick email in which we ask for your feedback. You’ll be fresh off the bus and that’s a great moment to share your experience on the bus.
  2. Rate your trip: Once you’ve rated your bus trip, you can add any insightful information you think other travellers would like to know about this bus ride. You can share your thoughts on your Busbud booking experience, give travel tips, comment on the bus company’s services and amenities, and of course, your experience at the station and aboard the bus.
  3. Submit: Click the submit button, and you’re done! Your review will be added to the route you just travelled on. Pretty simple, right? In just a few seconds, you can help other bus travellers in making their trip more enjoyable – and this counts as good karma! 😉

Helpfulness: A core value at Busbud

“Super Helpful” is one of our four core values. Our ultimate goal is to make bus travel easier and better for everyone. We’re so excited to hear about your travel adventures, and to being able to help share them with bus travellers on every continent.

We’ve created an intuitive and simple user experience that gives you the most relevant information about bus travel in 75 countries. In the spirit of being super helpful to our users, we already displayed travel time, stops and transfers, on-board amenities (from WiFi to hot meals), prices in the currency of your choice, and maps of your pick-up and drop-off locations. Now, with user-generated travel reviews, you can pay it forward!

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