ContactMonkey Launches Smart Email Tracking Tools


Delivers actionable insight to make better, faster decisions

ContactMonkey ( is excited to launch smart email tracking tools for Outlook and Gmail that add a new layer of insight and intelligence to the inbox.

ContactMonkey lets users know if, when, how often and where an email has been opened, as well as the device or Web browser used. It resolves the frustration of not knowing what happens to an email after you hit the “send” button.

“Email is ripe for disruption, and ContactMonkey is focused on helping people make faster and smarter decisions by knowing how much interest their emails are attracting,” said Scott Pielsticker, ContactMonkey’s CEO. “We’re filling a big void in the quickly evolving email landscape.”

ContactMonkey’s email tracking tools come with several key features:

  • When composing an email, it can be flagged as a priority, making it easy to monitor the most important emails as they are opened.
  • An always-on sidebar that provides real-time information about opened emails – whether they were sent a few minutes or a few days ago.
  • A dashboard that displays a list of email recipients, as well as the ability to filter data to show different views about opened emails

“We’re focused on providing email users with actionable insight,” Pielsticker said. “ContactMonkey is looking to give people more value to drive their productivity and business.”

ContactMonkey offers a free 14-day trial. Subscriptions can be purchased for $4.99/month or $49.99/year.


ContactMonkey is a smart email tracking tool for Outlook and Gmail that delivers actionable insight to make smarter and more informed selling decisions. Founded in 2011, ContactMonkey is a venture-backed company based in Toronto.

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