Dejero Brings Latest 5G-Ready Solutions and SMPTE ST 2110 Support to IBC 2019


Enhanced EnGo, low-latency return feeds, WayPoint 204 SMPTE ST 2110 receiver, blended connectivity and cloud-based global content distribution in Amsterdam line-up

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide Emmy® award winning video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, is showcasing its latest 5G-ready solutions, SMPTE 2110 support, return video solutions, CellSat blended connectivity, IronRoute for media content distribution solution, and GateWay connectivity at the upcoming IBC 2019 show (September 13-17, 2019, RAI Amsterdam), stand 11.C15.

EnGo mobile transmitter

The latest version of Dejero’s renowned EnGo mobile transmitter, which is now 5G-ready, features more processing power to deliver unique content adaptive encoding technology and HEVC compression to provide even better picture quality in a wider variety of scenarios. Unlike other field transmitters, Dejero EnGo now automatically adapts to content complexity as it is captured and supports up to 20 Mb/s bitrate for live transmissions and 1080p 50/60. Additional enhancements to Dejero’s mobile transmitter line-up will be made at the show.

IBC Innovation Award Shortlist

EnGo mobile transmitters and Dejero receivers were recently deployed to assist Musion 3D in transmitting a life-sized, interactive human hologram at a live rock concert across Vodafone’s 5G network. The EnGo delivered video links from a studio in Bucharest, from which a life-size hologram of a 10-year-old guitarist was beamed live to the stage over a Huawei router and Vodafone 5G link. This world first event/project, hosted by Vodafone, has been shortlisted for an IBC Innovation Award in the Content Creation category.

CuePoint low-latency return video

Dejero’s CuePoint 100 low-latency rack-mounted return feed server simplifies talent cueing, production and confidence monitoring, and real-time teleprompting in the field. With as little as 250 milliseconds of latency, CuePoint keeps teams at the broadcast facility and remote location synchronized, by sending video and audio, alongside teleprompting feeds, to production teams in the field to facilitate the creation of compelling live content. Up to eight return video and teleprompting feeds from the broadcast center can be seen in the field by the talent on a tablet or dedicated monitor above or below the camera, or on multiple mobile devices by camera operators, field directors and technicians.

WayPoint support for SMPTE ST 2110

The Dejero WayPoint 204 receiver makes the IP transition easier for broadcasters embracing the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards. As the first Dejero product to support SMPTE ST 2110 standards for professional media industries, WayPoint 204 reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections from Dejero transmitters, decodes HEVC or AVC, delivers four channels of balanced IFB, and provides four outputs supporting SMPTE ST 2110.

CellSat blended connectivity service

Available in Europe and North America, the multi-award-winning blended cellular and satellite connectivity service now comes with additional features that provide enhanced reliability, multiple antenna options including portable fly-away and vehicle-mount options, and additional connectivity plans to suit the varied needs of customers. CellSat solves challenges such as cellular network congestion or degrading performance in fringe locations by intelligently blending all available cellular connections with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite network, fusing the best attributes of these transmission paths for enhanced reliability and the highest quality live shots.

IronRoute for media cloud-based content distribution

IronRoute offers a robust solution tailored to the needs of broadcasters and media organizations by combining the link diversity, service quality, and centralized management benefits of software-defined blended connectivity, with the flexibility and scalability benefits of a cloud-based workflow for cost-effective global distribution. IronRoute blends broadband, cellular (3G/4G/5G), and satellite connectivity from Intelsat’s global network. The cloud-based solution also simplifies the simultaneous distribution of live and file-based content to multiple locations anywhere in the world, whether it be network affiliates, station groups, or to other broadcasters and media organizations in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint scenarios with a simple drag and drop interface in a web browser.

GateWay for first- and last-mile connectivity

Access to reliable connectivity has become even more critical for contribution and distribution. New features added to the Dejero GateWay solution include reliable connectivity on any type of IP connection and faster file transfer methods. Dejero will also show how the GateWay solution can be used for backup connectivity as part of a disaster recovery plan, and other use cases that solve first- and last-mile connectivity challenges of broadcasters and media organizations.


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