Dejero Offering CellSat Rental Package With AQYR

MICHAEL BALDERSTON, TVTechnology (May 28, 2019)

Dejero, along with land terminal provider AQYR, is giving its customers the option of utilizing both cellular and satellite connection paths to mobile production teams courtesy of a CellSat turnkey rental package.

The HEVC CellSat system from Dejero blends cellular connectivity from multiple mobile networks with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite connectivity. The rental package also includes equipment, software and connectivity services to the CellSat network, which is all managed in the cloud. Additional features for CellSat includes multiple antenna options like portable flyaway and vehicle-mount options.

As part of the rental package, AQYR is providing its Typhoon 1.0 meter satellite terminal. The Typhoon delivers satellite acquisition in a single case for two-way broadband VSAT communications. It is comprised of lightweight carbon fiber reflector, auto positioner and compact integrated RF components. The terminal is fully operable from the auto positioner or can be accessed through a remote GUI to manage network profiles and view real-time updates.

The CellSat package is available in Europe through AQYR and in the U.S. through Dejero sales channels.


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