GuestDriven lands big deal to roll out ‘mobile concierge’ app

If you’ve ever checked out of your hotel using the in-room television and wondered why you couldn’t do the same from your smartphone, Montreal-based GuestDriven has an app you’ll want to download.

The firm announced today that it’s inked a deal with Design Hotels to be used by its network of more than 270 independent hotels. It allows hotels to offer guests that download the app a range of services from their smartphone including the ability to book a room, check-in before arrival, direct messaging with hotel staff, explore information on hotel amenities and nearby attractions, and yes – check-out as well. But that’s only part of the solution – the real reason that hotels will be interested in GuestDriven is the opportunity it presents to create deeper relationships with their guests.

As guests use the mobile app, it captures their preferences on content, rooms, and other details. It then builds a profile for hotel marketers to use in their campaigns. Hotel marketers use a dashboard to build targeted campaigns to app users based on their stated preferences and interests. For example, a personalized upgrade offer could be made to guests that were browsing the hotel’s room-delivery menu – suddenly they are one tap away from a discounted meal.

The app also offers a customer service aspect, allowing hotel staff to track guest’s requests and then communicate with them one-on-one via two-way messaging in the app. It’s a bit like a digital concierge in your pocket.

The deal with Design Hotels represents a major increase in GuestDriven’s footprint. It had just 115 clients as of June, and Design Hotels have 270 locations in 50 countries around the world. Design doesn’t own the hotels, but rather represents a curated list of original hotels that offer good hospitality and are true to the local culture. Each of them are noted for having unique architecture.

GuestDriven is already used by Toronto hotels such as One King West and Thompson Toronto.


GuestDriven lands big deal to roll out ‘mobile concierge’ app

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