Interview with Rob Waters, Dejero’s Sales Director EMEA


Rob Waters, Dejero’s Sales Director EMEA reveals new partnerships, strategy for the Middle East and a detailed insight into what to expect at CABSAT.

Dejero’s Sales Director EMEA reveals new partnerships, strategy for the Middle East and a detailed insight into what to expect at CABSAT.

Q: How important is the MENA market for you?

A: MENA is incredibly important to Dejero. The region is exiting a slightly challenging economic time, and offering opportunities to grow our business and increase market share in our specific niche. To support this plan, our strategy revolves around providing flexible and reliable remote transmission through our partnership with Ideal Systems, with whom we are exhibiting during CABSAT 2019.

Our partner in the Middle East, Ideal Systems is growing and recently expanded their team with new hires having specialized knowledge about the broadcast industry. Also after last years success at CABSAT, we have opened an office in EMEA in a bid to serve and support the region better than before.

Q: What is your main objective at CABSAT?

A: CABSAT is the most important trade show in the region for broadcast. As an international trade show, it attracts not only Middle Eastern businesses, but broadcasters from the North, East, and West African markets as well. It’s a great opportunity for us to network and meet all the systems integrators and key broadcasters in the region and beyond.

We plan to meet both customers and potential partners to discover and discuss projects and challenges faced by broadcasters in the region. The satellite element of the show is of particular interest to Dejero as well, as it means there is a portion of the market that will understand both the demands of traditional TV and of satellite transmission. The satellite aspect of the show is increasingly important to Dejero, as our portfolio includes blended celluar and satellite solutions that are sure to catch the eye of regional broadcasters and other vertical markets in the future.

Our main objectives at the show are to acquire new customers and to build on our existing regional relationships.

Q: What solution would you like to highlight at CABSAT ?

A: We will be exhibiting at our partner Ideal Systems’ booth. On display will be a transmit-to-receive workflow, which transmits high-quality video from a Dejero EnGo mobile transmitter over multiple IP networks to a WayPoint receiver. The receiver is connected via the Dejero Gateway mobile connectivity solution, which provides fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to the Internet and private networks while in the field. With access to reliable Internet connectivity on location, field crews can perform more activities remotely as GateWay provides the extra bandwidth needed to quickly upload and download large files as well as access newsroom and MAM systems, cloud services, and private networks remotely. Crews can spend more time in the field and less time commuting back and forth between assignments.

The latest EnGo mobile transmitter features more processing power to deliver unique content adaptive encoding and HEVC compression. Unlike other field transmitters, Dejero EnGo encoding now automatically adapts to content complexity as it is captured and supports up to 20 Mb/s bitrate for live transmissions and 1080p 50/60 ideal for sports. We have further enhanced our industry-leading auto-transport and adaptive bitrate encoding technology with HEVC compression, to provide even better picture quality in a wider variety of scenarios.

Access to reliable connectivity has become even more critical for contribution and distribution. GateWay provides high-bandwidth connectivity by blending together multiple connections such as cellular and satellite and other wireless technologies creating higher throughput and greater reliability over a secure connection.

The Dejero IP-based content distribution solution, MultiPoint, simplifies the sharing of high-quality, low-latency, real-time video feeds. It offers large scale cloud-based content sharing and distribution. Broadcasters, production companies, and studios can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively distribute content from any location, to any location, at any time. MultiPoint leverages Internet infrastructure to simplify global distribution and features adaptive bitrate encoding technology to minimize bandwidth requirements.


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