PureFormulas Debuts Google Progressive Web App from Mobify and Boosts Revenue 23%

Integrates Google Progressive Web App features and new Payment Request API to transform mobile website into fast, friendly shopping experience

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – Feb 23, 2017) – PureFormulas, the leader in online health and supplements and one of the fastest growing U.S. e-tailers, has launched a Mobify-powered Progressive Web App. With a fast browsing and purchase experience, the new site stands out from conventional websites by delivering app-like features such as web push notifications, offline support, and add-to-homescreen, while integrating Payment Request API mobile payment technology for fast, seamless, and secure payments. The new PureFormulas site has increased revenue per visit 23 percent over the previous mobile site, thanks to a seamless mobile journey that keeps customers coming back.

Progressive Web Apps are next-generation mobile web experiences that stream to a customer’s device and are fully indexed by search. They allow shoppers to search, checkout, and buy more quickly without the added friction of downloading an app.

“Our Progressive Web App is amazingly fast, at least twice as fast as our previous mobile site,” says PureFormulas’ Senior Director of Technology, Carolina Servigna. “Leveraging the latest technologies to adapt to the rapidly changing mobile industry is important, but our reason for being is to offer the most efficient, secure, and friendly shopping experience possible. Progressive Web Apps offered the opportunity to do just that.”

Within the first few months, revenue per visit was up 23 percent on the PureFormulas progressive website. The increase in revenue stemmed from a 14% increase in the conversion rate and a nine percent increase in average order value (AOV). The additional AOV resulted from cross-sells, with items per order up 13 percent and items per user up 24 percent.

PureFormulas’ Mobify-developed Progressive Web App is an exciting example of what’s possible on the modern mobile web. For retailers like PureFormulas, the technology offers the opportunity to improve mobile pages loads and checkout processes — two areas that, left unaddressed, contribute to a poor user experience and difficult path to purchase, with high cart abandonment rates and low conversion rates.

Mobify’s Progressive Mobile approach designs and delivers Progressive Web Apps that enable retailers like PureFormulas to give their customers the faster, better experience they expect through app-like page loads, instant page transitions, and a shorter average time to checkout completion.

To reduce cart abandonment, Mobify implemented Payment Request API, which enables fast, seamless, and secure payments across different payment methods, browsers, and devices. By pulling in data that is already securely stored in the browser — such as name, address, phone number, and shipping information — PureFormulas’ new web payment solution almost completely eliminates checkout forms. As a result, the checkout process is four times faster with half as many clicks, the company reports.

Most importantly, the new PureFormulas site feels and operates like a shopper-friendly native app. “Mobify helped us understand not just mobile as a channel to customers, but how the customer was experiencing every interaction with our brand,” Servigna says. “With Mobify’s Progressive Mobile Web approach driving its mobile commerce, PureFormulas is using mobile not just as a channel to sell to customers, but as a better way to form a long-term relationship that makes shopping for health care products an easy and enjoyable experience.”

Read the complete PureFormulas Progressive Mobile Web Case Study. Visit Mobify at eTail West, Feb. 27-March 1 in Palm Springs, Calif., or contact us to schedule a meeting at hello@mobify.com.

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