Mobify Introduces Commerce Integrations


Mobify Intros Commerce Integrations So Brands Can Elevate Digital Customer Experiences Immediately, Adopt Best-of-Breed Approach to Backend Systems

Mobify has launched a new feature on the Mobify Platform called Commerce Integrations that makes it easier for brands and retailers to update their customer-facing sites with a Progressive Web App (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and native apps that are decoupled from backend systems.

This allows retailers and brands to adopt a best-of-breed approach to their backend systems, and avoid vendor lock-in with vertical integration. The result: a better customer experience that produces immediate results while enabling the flexibility to add or change backend systems independently. Available immediately, Commerce Integrations include pre-built connectors for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SAP CX, as well as universal connector for implementing integrations with any e-commerce provider, such as IBM Watson Commerce, Oracle ATG & Commerce Cloud, and other in-house solutions.

The Mobify Platform leverages a major trend in e-commerce: decoupling front-end experiences from backend services. Mobify’s approach is unique in allowing enterprises to add, remove, or swap out best-of-breed backend applications and services without affecting the customer experience.

Says Mobify CEO Igor Faletski, “Retailers are clearly focused on the top priority of overhauling commerce platforms, but many also know their customer-facing technology is falling behind, affecting shopping experience and site revenue. Forward-thinking brands are focused immediately on PWAs as the best way to give shoppers a better experience. Now they can update their sites to meet immediate market needs, while having the flexibility to upgrade the underlying platform over time.”

As the leader in Progressive Web Apps for commerce, Mobify helps brands and retailers engage customers across all digital touchpoints, while setting up the commerce technology stack to enable teams to be more agile. This allows organizations to give shoppers a customer experience such as a PWA that is friction-free and fast — in Mobify customer examples, up to 43% faster than a typical responsive or website — while completing backend transformations gradually.

The new Mobify Commerce Integrations creates a standardized, natural break between the customer experience and commerce backends. Commerce Integrations benefit integrators and their customers by:

  • Enabling them to adopt a best-of-breed approach to their backend systems, while easily connecting with pre-built connectors to top enterprise e-commerce platforms
  • Delivering a standard interface and utilities for creating custom connectors
  • Increasing agility with a globally-scaled, front-end-as-a-service that allows faster, more frequent deployments to meet customer needs regardless of the experience touchpoint, from PWAs to AMP, native apps and beyond.


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