Iguazio to Operationalize Data Science and AI on Azure and Azure Stack


Enabling Leading Enterprises to Bring Machine Learning into Business Applications and Remove AI Project Complexity

Iguazio, provider of the data science platform built for production, today announced the availability of its platform on Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, serving a wide range of cloud and intelligent edge use cases. The platform enables fast development and deployment of data science applications with unified data services, serverless functions and integrated AI tools, all consumed in a managed environment. Iguazio is a Microsoft co-sell partner and offers its data science platform through the Azure Marketplace.

“Iguazio is proud to collaborate with Microsoft to enable AI-driven actions both with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack at the intelligent edge. Iguazio’s platform brings data science to life with its production-native architecture and it can now serve the entire data science lifecycle with Azure and Azure Stack. Combining Iguazio and Azure, harnessing AI and cloud, enables high paced innovation and the faster delivery of advanced services.”

– Asaf Somekh, CEO of Iguazio

Henry Jerez, Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft’s Intelligent Edge Solutions Platform Group said, “Partnering with Iguazio we can offer additional options for AI applications in the cloud to also run on the edge. Iguazio provides an additional path to run AI on the edge beyond our current Microsoft Azure Machine Learning inferencing on the edge. This new marketplace option provides an additional alternate path for our customers to bring intelligence close to the data sources for applications such as predictive maintenance and real-time recommendation engines.”

A demonstration of Iguazio’s Data Science Platform is available at Microsoft Build and the platform is featured in the session Architecting and Building Hybrid Cloud Apps for Azure and Azure Stack. Visit Iguazio on the Azure Marketplace for more.

About Iguazio

The Iguazio Data Science Platform was built from the ground up for production. It enables data scientists, who spend most of their time on infrastructure, management and deployment, to focus on delivering better, more accurate and more powerful solutions. Iguazio powers data science for manufacturing, healthcare, pharma, insurance, financial services and telcos. Backed by top VCs and strategic investors, the company is led by serial entrepreneurs and a diverse team of seasoned innovators in the USA, UK, Singapore and Israel.


Iguazio to Operationalize Data Science and AI on Azure and Azure Stack

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