PICSIX Launches an Investigative Intelligence Platform Powered by Iguazio’s Real-time Data Science Platform


PICSIX uses Iguazio to provide an AI-based platform addressing the ever-changing threats to homeland security and public safety

Milipol 2019— Iguazio, the Data Science Platform for automating machine learning pipelines, today announced that PICSIX, a leader in tactical intelligence solutions is using its platform to deliver an AI-based Investigative Intelligence Platform. The platform makes real-time machine learning accessible to any agency, providing the flexibility required to address a diverse range of ever-changing threats.

As opposed to other managed solutions, PICSIX customers design their own mission-specific workflow, at a substantially lower cost. Furthermore, with Iguazio under the hood, users work in an efficient and open environment which automates technical heavy lifting and easily integrates with third-party systems and open source tools.

Iguazio’s unified data layer analyzes all types of data sources at scale and in real-time, powering the integration of PICSIX Tactical Intelligence databases, government databases and publicly available electronic information (PAEI) used for OSINT. Machine learning models are applied on the data, generating up-to-date profiles and interactive dashboards for real-time insights, alerts and actions. PICSIX deploys the system in multiple edge locations, while Iguazio’s Data Science Platform can also be deployed on-premises or in multi-cloud environments.

“PICSIX has been aiding law enforcement and homeland security agencies in their continuous battle against terror, drug trafficking, human trafficking and more, with the ultimate goal of making the world a safer place. By deploying our Intelligence Investigative Platform on Iguazio, we are able to help our clientele gain a broader intelligence picture by aggregating multiple data-sources and automating alerts and decision-making in real-time.”

– Menachem Kenan, CEO of PICSIX

“We’re proud to be working with PICSIX to make homeland security more intelligent and address dynamic threats faster. This enables agencies to focus on achieving their strategic missions to maintain public safety and not on the infrastructure overhead.”

– Asaf Somekh, CEO of Iguazio

PICSIX and Iguazio’s joint solution will be showcased at Milipol Paris, in hall 4 booth H015.

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Founded a decade ago by former Israeli intelligence experts, PICSIX brings together the power of operational experience with a deep understanding of complex communication technologies. Since Day 1, PICSIX has manufactured and developed its own products, delivering off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom-tailored alternatives to best meet agencies’ interception, counter-interception, and other tactical intelligence needs. Today, our company is both an agile innovator and a heavy hitter, successfully servicing many authorized agencies from around the world. We are confident we have what it takes to repeat that success for you. For more information, please visit:


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